Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Maybe you’ve heard some version of the phrase “what you give you get” or “the energy you put into the universe always comes back to you.” Since joining Quarter for Your Crisis, there’s one variation of this that sticks with me and guides my thoughts and actions on a daily basis: your vibe attracts your tribe. It makes sense that the kind of people we tend to gravitate toward are those who make us feel uplifted, loved, encouraged, inspired, and supported. When I take a moment to think about it, those are also qualities of the kind of person I want to be—someone who makes others feel comfortable and valued, someone regarded as reliable and generous.

I just moved to a new city and have been experiencing bouts of loneliness, which I’m working hard to let myself feel without automatically meeting these emotions with resistance. I try to be transparent about these less than pleasant feelings—after all, experiencing loneliness is an inevitable part of being human, but it’s not something people openly admit to or talk about honestly. Anyways, all of this has prompted me to evaluate my priorities and what it is I’m seeking as I begin to make new connections and work on building a community, and thus has brought this mantra to the forefront of my mind time and time again.

Although I’m all for unplugging, the neat thing about the technological age that we live in is that we have the opportunity to create and maintain relationships from afar. While nothing can serve as a substitute for good old fashioned face-to-face conversation, there is something to be said for connecting with likeminded individuals in this way—that’s what this whole community is built on! When I reflect on my journey with QFYC over the past two years, I am humbled by the love that I feel for this community and the seemingly serendipitous way it found me.

Back in 2014, I was writing for a lifestyle blog that was occasionally able to get some of my articles published om Huffington Post’s online platform. I was in the middle of my junior year of college and had just learned about the term “quarter life crisis” (which is funny to think about now, because it’s part of my daily vocabulary!). A couple of days after one of my articles was posted, I received a direct message on Twitter from Jordan asking if I’d like to write a guest post for QFYC. Of course, I was eager to do so, and as I learned more about the community, I knew it was something I wanted to become deeply involved with. I continued to write blog posts and soon enough was asked to “officially” join the team as community manager. All the while, I was getting to know Jordan and Pete better and eventually, we were able to meet in person. It turned out that Pete grew up in the tiny town where the university I attended was located—what are the chances?!

Especially during this transitional time of my life, I truly can’t imagine my world without QFYC. It has become such a big part of my daily life and an important touchstone for me during this phase of “growing up.” There are days that I am overwhelmed with self-doubt or the fear of the future. It’s on those days that I hold tighter to this tribe of mine, that I appreciate it even more. I’ve also had the opportunity to deepen my relationships with friends by sharing QFYC with them and I notice that when I encounter new people who have a desire to live intentionally, it is second nature to connect them with QFYC.

This week, Jordan sent me a lovely graduation gift with the sweetest note. When I got home from work and saw the package, I immediately felt like I was getting a hug from afar. My spirit felt renewed and I was filled with gratitude. How lucky am I to have formed these meaningful connections and friendships? To think that this incredible journey began because someone out there thought, “hey, I like what you’re putting in the world, I like the way you think” still amazes me. Jordan and I always tell each other “there are no coincidences,” and since meeting her and becoming a part of this community, I believe that even more strongly. Everything happens for a reason. What we needs finds us at the exact right time—all we have to do is be who we are and boldly lead the lives that feel most authentic to us. Trust that your vibes will attract the a tribe that one day, you won’t be able to imagine living without.

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