Why You Should Invest in Education as an Creative Entrepreneur

Do you remember the day you first started your business?

Ours was August 3rd, 2015.

We had high hopes, big dreams, and pretty much no game plan but to try this whole “entrepreneurship” thing out.

That year, we made a whopping $10,000 – total.

Since that first year, we’ve tried a lot of things – failed at many of them – and pivoted our business  more than we ever could’ve imagined.

Now, 1,394 days later, we consistently earn over $10,000 each month.

We don’t say this to brag. We share this to show you that we aren’t unicorns. This is all possible for you too.

So, what did we do? How in the world did we go from making just $10k in a year to growing a business that makes over $10k in a month?

The long answer: a LOT of things (waaaay too many to share in one blog post)

The short answer: We learned from entrepreneurs who are way smarter and have way more experience growing businesses than we do 🙂

Deciding to Invest in Our First Business Coach

Just one year into starting our business, we were at the point of burn out. We felt like we were spinning our wheels and throwing darts in the dark trying to grow our business. We had BIG dreams… but we felt lost and confused on how to actually get there.

Maybe you’ve felt the same?

Still, as frustrated and overwhelmed as we were, we had worked SO hard to get to where we were that we weren’t ready to just throw in the towel just yet.

So we did the opposite – we doubled down.

We invested in our business and our dreams, and we hired our first business coach in the fall of 2016.

Working with a business coach was a catalyst for our business. This first investment into our education as entrepreneurs did so so many things for us, like:

  • Keep us accountable to our goals + priorities
  • Push us SO FAR outside of our comfort zone
  • Challenge us to try new strategies and ACTUALLY take action
  • Learn from a pro/seasoned entrepreneur (aka not have to figure it all out on our own)
  • Provide support and encouragement from someone who believed in us and didn’t let us quit
  • Put our money where our mouth was (and where we said our priorities were)

Since then, we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars investing in education and coaching.

You could say we’ve drank the Cool Aid of coaching + education… because all of that money we’ve invested? It’s come back to bless and grow our business more than we ever could’ve done on our own.

In fact, our newest business coach is the whole reason we’re writing this blog post!

We’re going to be switching things up a bit around here and delivering MORE consistent content with MORE value for YOU.

Each month, we’ll be diving into a different topic all related to helping creative entrepreneurs (ahem, YOU!) grow purposeful + profitable businesses.

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This past month, we’ve been focusing on….

You guessed it: The importance of education + investing in your business (aka your BIG ole dreams!).

The Importance of Investing in Your Business as a Creative Entrepreneur

If you can’t tell by now, we’re BIG believers in investing in yourself and your business – and one of the best ways to do this as a creative entrepreneur is to look for educational opportunities, like coaching, retreats, masterminds, and conferences.

But with SO many options out there, it can be a teeny bit confusing on where to start. How do you know when you’re ready to invest? How can you determine which type of education is the right fit for you? How did you know who to trust with helping you grow your business?

We totally get it – we’ve asked ALL of these same questions!

We chose this topic as our first “monthly deep dive” because if we’re being perfectly honest with you… if we hadn’t made the decision to hire our first business coach back in 2016, we’d probably be working for someone else right now.

The time that we hired our coach was the same time that I started looking at applications. But by stepping out of our comfort zone and investing in our dreams, business, and ourselves, we took our business from making just $10k a year to earning over $10k in a month.

That same business that felt like it had us doggy paddling just to stay afloat now gives us the freedom to take a full maternity leave as a self-made entrepreneur (without sacrificing our income).

So no, you’re not the only one asking these questions – in fact, it’s SUPER important that you do!

Determining things like the type of educator you want to work with and the type of investment that is the best fit for your business in this seasons are incredibly important.

Today, we want to help make those decisions a little easier.

Which Type of Education Should You Invest In? (3 Entrepreneur’s Advice)

Hopefully by now you can see that we’re BIG fans of investing in our business – and we’re certainly not the only ones who have seen incredible transformations as a result of investing in education.

To help shed some light on all of the different options out there, we put together a short video to highlight three creative entrepreneurs who ALL invested in their businesses – in totally different ways:

  • Laura invested $25,000 in a year-long mastermind
  • Jess invested her first business coach just three months into her business – and essentially doubled her income immediately
  • Pete invests $50 each month for membership in a paid Facebook Group

Truth is, there are a LOT of things you can do to grow your business.

In this video we’re breaking down exactly what these entrepreneurs decided to invest in, why they chose that type of education for their business, and what impact they’ve seen as a result.

Laura, Jess, and Pete have a ton of advice to share about their experiences investing in education. They’ve all chosen different types of education for their business goals, and they’ve all seen incredible results.

The main takeaway here is that not all education is created equal and that what’s best for YOU in this season may be different than what’s best for the person you admire on Instagram.

We encourage you to think through your own business goals to determine which education is the best fit for you right now.

7 Ways You Can Invest In Your Business

If you’ve watched the video interviews above, you’ll see how things like hiring business coaches, attending conferences, taking courses, and joining membership sites have all impacted our different businesses.

Now, we want to help YOU take the next step and start investing in your own business.

We know you started your business for a reason. We know you have BIG dreams for how you want to grow and who you want to serve.

We also know what it feels like to be suuuper overwhelmed by all of the options out there…

Should you hire a coach? Take a course? Attend a conference? Join a mastermind? Do #allofthethings?

We promise, it doesn’t need to be that hard.

(And you probably shouldn’t do #allofthethings at once)

If you’re looking for ways to show up, take action, and invest in growing your business, then we’ve got a free guide with your name all over it 🙂

We put together a guide of the 7 different types of education you can invest in (and some of our top recommendations for each!). This guide also includes important questions to ask to help you determine which option is *actually* the right fit for you.

Remember: not all education is created equal – and no two businesses are the same.

Growing Your Creative Business with Education

Hopefully if you’ve stuck around this long we’ve convinced you of the power of investing in your own education as an entrepreneur!

There are so so many great ways to do so – and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

What types of education have you invested in and why? Do you have a coach, conference, mastermind, course, etc that you’d recommend?

We love learning how other entrepreneurs grow their business and the impact that investing in the right kind of education has had on your growth. Leave a comment below + share your own experiences!

Here’s to growing more purposeful + profitable businesses!

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