Why You Should Build a Custom Quiz for Your Website

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It’s no secret that Pete + I are all about smart marketing strategies.

Aka.. no fluff, lots of awesome tools and strategies that get great results – while also serving people well.

That’s why today we are SUPER excited to share one of the best new, creative ways you can serve your ideal clients AND grow your email list – all at the same time 🙂

Enter: Custom-built quizzes for your website

This past month, we’ve been working on a website and brand launch for one of our clients, Samantha Sagot .

This girl is a GENIUS at all things direct sales and entrepreneurship, and she inspires tens of thousands of people every day on how to grow a successful business of their own.

We wanted her website to not only show off her expertise, story, and heart but also engage her visitors in a way that’s valuable and personal to them.

Creating a custom-built quiz for her new site was the PERFECT solution (so much so that we’re now building one for our own site relaunch next month!)

custom leadership quiz - samantha sagot website

Using Quizzes to Grow Your Email List

In addition to quizzes being a fun way to engage your website visitors, they are also a phenomenal opportunity for growing your email list!

For Samantha’s quiz, we focused on leadership – and made sure to add a LOT of her personality and brand to keep it fun!

It’s super easy to click right through the quiz on her homepage, and then to see the results at the end, you can enter your email address to be sent the results!

(Pro tip: you can even add a “Skip this step” for this quiz maker – more on this in a minute!)

The results show right in the same embedded section as the quiz, and encourage the visitor to check their email with more information and resources that will be tailored to exactly what they need to grow (depending on which result they got)!

So now that you know why you should add a quiz to your website, let’s talk about the HOW.

Easy, Customizable Quiz Creation Tool

Thankfully, when we had this big idea to build a quiz on Sam’s site, we just so happened to come across Interact at the same time.

Coincidence? We think not.

I remember sitting on my demo call thinking “This is EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for!

Not only does Interact make building quizzes quick and easy, but the tool gives you a huge amount of creative freedom to make sure the branded fits your website or ads (YES – you can even run them as Facebook ads! This is something we are 100000% going to be testing for our business!).

Here are just 5 things we LOVE about Interact:

1. Custom Brand Colors, Fonts, and Styles

For Samantha Sagot’s site, we made sure to add her brand colors and even her custom Typekit font! This made for an incredibly seamless integration when we embedded the quiz into her website.

From the color of the buttons and progress bar to the font of the questions, her quiz is perfectly branded to match her website. You can even add your own logo and branding to your Interact quiz!

branded quiz for website

2. Ability to Remove the Quiz Cover Photo and Introduction

We built Sam’s site on Showit (the same platform we use for our own website!), which means we have the ability to create “Canvas Views.” We wanted to control the look of the quiz introduction, so we opted to skip the built-in cover photo that Interact provides. All this involved was unchecking a box within Interact!

Skip cover page on interact quiz3. Library of Quiz Templates to Choose From

This was a HUGE reason we fell in love with Interact.

Honestly, thinking about building your own quiz from scratch can be a little daunting. Even if we weren’t super at ease with how simple it is to embed an Interact form on a website, we would be lying if we said we were slightly intimidated with thinking about writing our first quiz.

Thankfully, Interact provides a huge library of quiz templates to choose from!

When you create a quiz, you can choose to start from scratch or from a template. If you choose a template, you can then filter down by the industry or category as well as the type of quiz. For Sam’s site, we chose “Coaching” as the category and “Personality” as the quiz type.

quiz templates interact

4. Easy Integration to Your Email Service Provider

Your ESP is a fancy way to say whatever tool you use for your email list 🙂

We use Drip, and Interact makes it incredibly easy to integrate your quiz. Not only can you add your new leads to your email list, but you can get super detailed and add tags or add a subscriber to a custom campaign, depending on which result they got!

This is really important when it comes to lead nurturing!

For Samantha’s quiz, we were able to build 3 unique email campaigns that would deliver tailored content and resources to her new subscribers, depending on which Leadership result they received. This makes the experience that much more enjoyable and relevant for the user!

integrate interact quiz results with drip email campaigns

5. Easy Ways to Embed and Share Your Custom Quiz

Finally, last but not least – if you’re going to create a super awesome quiz to generate new leads or grow your email list, you want to make sure it’s simple to share.

Interact gives you quite a few options for sharing your quiz online. We chose the embed option for Sam’s site, and we cannot wait to give the Facebook Ads option a try ASAP!

Interact gives you 6 easy, quick ways to put your quiz to work:

  • Using it as a pop up on your website
  • Adding it as an announcement bar at the top of your site
  • Creating a Facebook Ad
  • Embedding right into your website or a landing page
  • Sharing a direct link (great for adding to email campaigns!)
  • Posting the quiz to social media

how to promote your quiz

How to Create Your Own Custom Quiz for Your Website

We know, we know – now you’re itchy to create a quiz of your very own! why you should build a custom quiz for your website

This is only our first time using the Interact platform, and we’re honestly already brainstorming ways to help all of our clients grow their businesses with custom-built quizzes.

From embedding it directly on your website to sharing it on social media to running ads, using quizzes can be an incredible (and creative!) way to generate new leads and grow your email list.

To get started building your own quiz, we highly recommend you give Interact a try!

It’s everything we could have asked for – and more – in a quiz creation tool… and honestly, now we’re just straight up addicting to creating quizzes 🙂

We can’t wait to see the results that they start generating in our clients’ (and our own!) businesses. We’ll be sure to share a follow up post next month – so stay tuned!

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