Why We Love Greetabl for Client Gifts + Referral Thank You Gifts!

We love loving on our clients – both new and prior!

So when it comes to sending out welcome gifts or thank you gifts, we were on the hunt for something that would be creative, personalized, and fun to send.

Enter: Greetabl

Greetabl is our go-to store for sending simple yet thoughtful gifts to our clients and referrals.

You can get 15% off your first order on Greetabl with our referral link!

A Personalized Thank You Gift

We first heard about Greetabl when we received one!

The Rising Tide Society + Honeybook sent us the cutest little Greetabl box after we hosted a webinar on Facebook Ads with them last year.

Not only was the box decorated and fun, but the inside included a personal note, a bag of tea, and pictures of Pete, Russ, and me!

The gift was super thoughtful in itself, but what we loved even more was that the pictures of us were perforated – so we could tear them out and hang them up! How GENIUS.

In a world where we rarely print pictures out, we absolutely loved this personal touch.

You can get a better idea of how Greetabl works in this video:

After we received that first Greetabl, we couldn’t wait to start sending some to our clients!

Inexpensive, Thoughtful Client Gifts

One of the other things that sets Greetabl apart from many other online gift-giving services is that it’s super affordable.

Considering we spend $50-60 every time we order a welcome gift on BoxFox, it can get a bit pricey. We’ll write another post about that company and why/when we choose to order on there, but in terms of comparison, Greetabl gifts are a super affordable gifting option!

We typically spend around $20-25 every time we send a gift on Greetabl.

This includes your choice of box design, your personalized message, a thoughtful gift or two (depending on the size) and up to 3 pictures for your client to tear out and keep!

All for about $20 – I’d say that’s a pretty good steal!

For us, it’s an easy and affordable way to say “thank you” without breaking the bank. We think it goes a little farther than simply writing a thank you note and it’s more personal than sending flowers.

Shipping is only around $5/order, and now that we joined the Greetabl Insider program, we get FREE shipping on every order! WOOO!

When Do We Use Greetabl to Send Gifts

As we mentioned, Greetabl is a great option for client gifts and thank you’s.

Since our services are on the higher-end, we opt to send our welcome gifts through BoxFox so that we can curate a bigger, personal box for our clients. We want them to feel extra loved!

That being said, we still find a ton of ways to use Greetabl to love on our clients, friends, and family!

We’ve used Greetabl to send birthday and housewarming gifts to friends back home.

We always send our referral thank you gifts on Greetabl, and we have even welcomed on new team members with a Greetabl!

If you do want to use Greetabl to send client or corporate gifts, they actually have a whole service dedicated to just that! Check out their “Business Gifts” tab to learn more!

If you need help finding the perfect gift to send, check out the categories under their “Shop” tab for some inspiration:

Send a gift on Greetabl

Coupon for Ordering a Greetabl Gift

If you’re reading this post and realizing you’d love to level up your client experience (or just love on your friends better!) by sending a Greetabl, you can grab 15% off your first order with our referral linkgreetabl for client gifts

Personally, we were using Greetabl for about a year before we joined their Insider program – and man oh man do we wish we joined at the very beginning!

Saving $5 in shipping on every order and earning those points for credits really adds up after a few orders!

Now that we joined the Greetabl Insider Program, gifting has become that much more fun 🙂

Sending love to clients, friends, and family for under $20 has become a go-to, no-brainer for us.

And honestly, I just can’t get over how amazing it is to send those personalized perforated photos!

Now I’d love to know: do you send client gifts? referral gifts? thank you gifts?

If so, have you ever tried Greetabl? What service do you love for gifting?

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