And We’re Off!

It’s a little crazy to be writing this post from our first flight right now. After months of planning and talking and researching and dreaming, we’re finally on our way. It’s surreal.

For anyone who has ever made a huge change in their life, I’m sure you know exactly how we feel. You can talk as much as you want – but that’s nothing until you’re actually doing it. Making moves is a whole different game, and it’s one we couldn’t be more excited to start.

Today, we’re on route to our first stop: Ecuador. After a night in Guayaquil, we’ll be taking off to the Galapagos and spending a few days in San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, and Isabela.

AKA we will be swimming with sea turtles and lounging with blue-footed boobies!

Even as I write it, it’s hard to believe. This has been a dream for Peter and I, and one that didn’t happen by chance. It took tons of planning (and years of saving!), but it’s finally happening.

As I walked down the runway to our plane I just kept thinking to myself: anyone can do this. Why the heck not?!

Given you may not share our dream of living out of a 65L pack for four months (I think my sisters are still shocked I fit everything.. okay I totally am as well) – but whatever your dream is, it’s possible. It just takes you GOING FOR IT. It’s just about making a conscious effort each day.  Make small decisions to get you to where you want to be. Heck, it just takes you saying “yes” to yourself and your dreams.

If anything comes from this trip, I hope that we are able to show even a few people out there that it’s possible. From quitting our corporate jobs, to moving out of our apartments, to packing up our bags for this next adventure – none of it has been easy. But geez has it been worth it.


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