The Secret to Making Your Crazy Wild Dreams a Reality

Do you ever have a moment where you allow yourself to think of a big scary dream – having no idea where it came from – but it’s there and it’s all you can think about?

You are not quite sure if it’s even remotely possible, but you know it’s meant for you. You know that you can get there, if you really want to. You know it will require sacrifice, and hard work, and patience, but it could be yours – but there’s one little piece extra that you need.

God places these dreams in our heart. He leads us on paths to live the life He created us for. He shuts doors we may be trying to nudge open just so that he can open up an even better one.

For us, these dreams have been leaving our cushy corporate jobs. It’s been sacrificing safety and a salary for the adventure of travel. It’s been taking a chance to start something from nothing – a business we never would have imagined as a possibility a few years ago.

For me personally, it’s been Pete. It’s been finding someone who isn’t simply a wonderful addition to my life, he’s actually a part of me. There’s no way to describe it other than pieces of a puzzle finally coming together. But I have no doubt that all of this has been God’s work in my life.

So here’s my secret. Here’s the missing piece you need to take those crazy wild dreams and turn them into your normal: faith.

God places these dreams on our heart with purpose. But we can’t get there alone. Stepping out in faith and trusting in God’s will for our lives has been the greatest adventure, and the greatest blessing.

So today I’m asking you: What dream is God putting on your heart?

And do you trust him enough to make it your reality?

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