3 Reasons to Start Using Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing

Disclaimer: This post many contain affiliate links. But fear not, friend! We only recommend tools + products that we love and use ourselves 🙂

As of 2019, 250 million people use Pinterest every month. Of that number, 78% say that content brands put on Pinterest is useful to them. This is a HUGE opportunity for businesses, especially creatives and wedding professionals to show off the visual part of their brand, giving life beyond the copy!

And for many you wedding pros out there, you are already waaaay ahead of the game because of the hundreds of photos you have of your products or services! PLUS, it’s no secret that Pinterest is a bride’s best friend when planning her wedding (ahem, maybe even years before the engagement ever happens!), which means you know EXACTLY where your target audience is hanging out.

If you are already on Pinterest, YAY! You have made an important first step in marketing your brand to your perfect audience.

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BUT, our question to you today is, are you posting consistently on Pinterest?  And are you using Pinterest to its fullest advantage? (aka driving more traffic and inquiries to your website?)

Since consistency in posting is important on Pinterest, we highly recommend using a scheduling to do make your life easier. We personally love and use Tailwind and think it’s a MUST have tool for those of you on Pinterest or thinking about starting your Pinterest journey.

Today we’re sharing 3 reasons why you NEED to be using Tailwind for your business.

1. Tailwind saves you time

Tailwind allows you to schedule out your pins days, weeks + months in advance so that you can focus your time on more important parts of your business while still showcasing your work. Now you may be saying to yourself, how am I supposed to know the best times to post? Great question! Tailwind takes the guessing out of the game. The platform automatically suggests the best times for you to post pins so that you get the most out of each post you share or re-pin!

(bonus tip: you should be sharing between 5-30 times a day. Start with five and when you produce more content, slowly work you way up and add more pins each day! This increases your visibility and helps you remain top of mind.)

Tailwind also has a feature called “Use Interval”. This feature comes in handy when you want to schedule pins to multiple boards in hopes of filling time slots for your pins. This feature allows you to allocate a specific time between pins so that they don’t pin back to back. It’s user-friendly design slide feature allows you to choose how to spread out your pins, from 10 minutes to 90 days.

Even if you choose not to use this feature, you can always pin to multiple boards and later use Tailwind’s easy drag and drop feature to move your pins around to the time slots you would like them to be in, in seconds!

(quick tip: make sure to pin other people pins and not just your own content. Pinterest wants you to share your work while also sharing your love for others work!)

Using Tailwind’s SmartLoop Feature

At the end of last year, Pinterest rolled out a new feature called SmartLoop and all we can say is WOW!

SmartLoop has saved us SO much time. Pinners can now make specific “loops” within SmartLoop (i.e. blogs posts, mini courses, retreats), place all of the blog posts that fall under those categories into those loops, choose the boards you want them to pin to, and Pinterest will do the rest!

And when I say do the rest, I really mean it. They will continuously run your pins in the allocated loops during the most popular times of each day on Pinterest. That means, less research and TIME on your part.

2. You can pin straight from your Instagram account!

Do you have an amazing Instagram account? Well, it’s your lucky day because Tailwind lets you pin right from your Instagram with the caption and all!

(tip: you only have 500 characters for your description so you’ll probably have to shorten your Instagram caption. Make sure to use hashtags within your description + at the end. Pinterest allows you to use up to 20 per post! Just like any other social platform, hashtags increase the likelihood of your content reaching your ideal audience.)

Make sure that your images are high-quality, especially since they now are being shared across multiple social platforms. You know what they say! Quality over quantity 🙂

(tip: the recommended image size for Pinterest is 600 x 900 px)

3. Tailwind Tribes drive more traffic and views

Pinterest Tribes are, in our opinion, the best thing (alongside the time-saving superhero SmartLoop of course) to come to Pinterest.

Based on your business and the content you share on Pinterest, you can find Tribes that publish similar topics (i.e. we belong to “Bloggers and Creative Infopreneurs”, “Business and Blogging Tips”, “RV Life, Work + Travel”, “Social Media & Digital Marketing” and “Wedding Professionals”).

The purpose of these Tribes is for you to share your work and have your pins seen by hundreds of thousands of people (i.e. “Bloggers and Creative Infopreneurs” has 162K followers!) AKA, your content has the potential to be in front of that many like-minded creatives, just like you!

At the end of last year, our Tailwind report stated that since we joined Tailwind Tribes we reached over 864K people. Yes, our eyes were wide with disbelief too!

We went from having just 5k people viewing our profile/pins every month, to now having over 800K people viewing our content because of Tailwind.

As you can see, we love Tailwind 🙂
It has been a huge game changer in our Pinterest marketing strategy saving us time, helping us repurpose our content in smart ways + growing our audience. They have free trials you can sign up for to try the platform before diving in and purchasing a plan. If you love what you see, you can use our referral link here!

If you need a little help getting started on Pinterest, check out Pinterest’s step-by-step best practice guide!

Let’s hand over the mic.

Do you use Tailwind? If so, what is your favorite part of the platform? What are some aspects of the platform that still confuse you?

If not, what are you waiting for?

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