The Success & Struggles of Our New Adventure

My oh my has this year flown by.

The fact that we’re halfway through the month of July blows my mind. I feel like we just returned from our travels and well over a year has passed in the meantime…

This past year, and especially these past few months, has been a wild ride for Pete and me – but not in the way that most would expect. Instead of backpacking across the southern hemisphere, this year we’ve been on a whole different kind of adventure.

When we returned from our trip last April, we were both hesitant to jump back into Corporate America. We had worked so hard to push through our own limiting beliefs, to pursue a life of purpose, and had met so many people along the way that showed us how possible it is to live out your truth.

So instead of getting “real jobs” we started an experiment of sorts. We saw a need that matched a passion of ours and we started knocking on doors. A year later, this experiment has evolved into a full-on business, complete with clients and projects and deadlines and Quickbooks.

It’s amazing and humbling to see how far we’ve come from this little idea last year. And while I could not be more excited to see how our company continues to grow, we’re also left a bit disappointed in ourselves.

You see, Quarter for Your Crisis was put on the back burner. Something that was created in order to financially support us to build QFYC into the community we know it can be wound up taking over our time and minds.

Thankfully, we have the most incredible partner Sara who has helped keep QFYC alive and kicking while we struggled to sit down and write the posts we so desperately needed in our lives.

But let me be perfectly honest here: QFYC was created as much for us as it is for all of you. It’s an outlet, community, therapist, diary, and motivational guide for how we want to live our lives, the questions we’re asking, and the struggles we’re going through.

And the fact that we haven’t dedicated the time to write the way we want and need to is hard and sad and frustrating. But it’s also in our control. We started this community with the promise to stay vulnerable, real, and transparent.

You see, the way we manage our time is a reflection of our priorities. This isn’t to say that QFYC isn’t important to us; it’s just that we let the urgent infringe on the important.

The deadlines and client expectations were prioritized over our passion, over the peace of mind we seek when writing for QFYC and connecting with the folks in this community. And while I can’t promise that we are magically going to become the best work-life balancers and always have our priorities in order, I am a firm believer than recognizing and working on your struggles are huge parts in overcoming them.

If you are also struggling with priorities or making time for what’s important, I’d love to hear how you find balance and create some kind of order in your life. Personally, I was recently reminded of a concept I learned back in my business school classes:

The time management matrix

time management matrix

Image via Task Manager Pro

This matrix breaks down tasks into if they are important vs unimportant and urgent vs non-urgent. Depending on which part of the matrix that tasks falls into directs how and when you should tackle it.

I think it’s a great reminder that we can’t and shouldn’t live our lives directed simply by what is urgent. Many times, the situations that become urgent are not the most important parts of our lives. This matrix helps to focus on the important items on your list and create better time management practices to take on everything else on our lists.

I pray this post is a new start in our recommitment to QFYC and allows us to continually reflect and evaluate not just our priorities but how we spend our days. Here’s to reflection, vulnerability, and finding balance.


ps – I’m sure there are many many time management tips & resources out there, and I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below! 

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