How to Fall in Love on the Subway

One of the many incredible people I was lucky enough to meet at the Do Cool Sh*t Bootcamp this past December was Max Stossel.

Not only is he very accomplished in the business world – he got Mark Cuban to invest in a business he’s working on! – he is a very, very talented poet. During his time with our small group, he performed a reading of his poem called Subway Love, and I was absolutely floored.

For anyone who has lived in NYC, or has even just graced the subway platforms, you know how monotonous and often frustrating the experience can be. Add in being late to a meeting, not getting enough wifi on your phone to load your newsfeeds, and the heat of the NYC summer, and it’s something that most of us want to get through as quickly as possible.

But what are we missing in our busyness? What if we slowed down long enough to enjoy each moment of our lives, even a moment as routine as a subway ride?

What would happen if we lived in the present?

Subway Love is the answer.

PS – I cannot rave about Miki’s DCS bootcamp enough. If you have any questions or want to learn more, I highly encourage you to check out the website or feel free to comment/shoot me a message! It was an absolutely life changing week for me.

PPS – Love this video and looking for more like it? It reminded me a lot of this one!

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