Ready to learn marketing strategies that *actually* grow your business?

In our Happily Ever Growth program, you'll learn our best strategies to target your dream brides, run Facebook ads that ACTUALLY WORK, turn your new pipeline of inquiries into booked clients, and build smarter systems that allow you to repeat the process + grow your business like crazy.


Tired of throwing all of your hard-earned cash at Facebook.. and seeing little-to-no results?

Are you wondering if marketing is always this draining?

...draining your business account?

...draining your time?

...draining that creative fire that got you going in the first place?

You're not alone, friend.  

That's where we come in!👇

jordan and pete private ads training

We're Pete + Jordan.

But you can think of us as your Facebook-ad-running, funnel-building, fairy godparents :)

"I have never had advertising and marketing results like this."

"We started implementing Pete + Jordan's Facebook ad strategies at the end of March. We had been receiving 20 inquires per month for January, February, and March. Things begin to change immediately in April with inquiries jumping to 50 and even more to 90 in May! In just 8 weeks of training, we can attribute $50,000.00 in bookings to the strategies we implemented, with more on the way. In 40 years of owning my own businesses I have never had advertising and marketing results like this."  

-Larry Winkler, Wedding Venue Owner

With a swoosh of our magic wand...

(+ some killer, proven ad strategies)

We've helped our students go from STRESSED OUT... BOOKED OUT.

Whether you're a photographer, venue, videographer, florist, calligrapher - or any kind of wedding professional - this "magic" will work for you.


Because it's NOT magic. 

Ready for a little secret?


Facebook Ads are not magic, they're strategy.

Truth is: it doesn't take Facebook pixel pixie dust to make this work.

(Although, it might feel like it once you implement these strategies!) 

It just takes a PROVEN, marketing strategy...

And a heart-hustling entrepreneur like YOU to put it into action.

"My leads went from 2 a month to 20 a month."

"Pete and Jordan are phenomenal!! I loved that they specialize in the wedding industry and that they are Christians. The fact that they always put God first is what made me work with them. They keep track of the way marketing changes and make sure you know what you are doing. They teach you so you can do it and grow your business. I would highly recommend them to anyone!! My leads via Facebook went from 2 a month to 20 a month because of the ad campaigns that we created with their strategies."  

-Ashley Rodriguez, Wedding Photographer

Stop the feast & famine - and start attracting your dream brides with Facebook ads

Learn our start-to-finish system that has generated thousands of inquiries for creatives in the wedding industry.


Let's stop relying on the Knot for price-shopping inquiries, shall we?

We get it. We hear it over & over again from our clients and students: 

You know you need to grow your business, but there are just SO many ways to invest in marketing...  

From Pinterest, to SEO, to posting obsessively on Instagram...  

It gets exhausting (not to mention overwhelming) to think about all of the marketing strategies available to you.  

And so it's easy to rely on the Knot or Bridal shows to bring in inquiries...  

Until those inquiries simply ask for pricing & availability...  

Only to ghost you when you respond with your packages.  

Sound familiar?

But what if we told you there was a better way?

What if we told you you could:  

  •  Take control over your pipeline
  •  Attract your DREAM brides
  •  Build a system to convert those inquiries into loving clients
  •  And go from crickets to booked out

We've got good news, friend!

There IS a better way. And it's waiting for you inside of Happily Ever Growth.


This course is for you if:

  • You need to increase your inquiries and get booked out
  • You are tired of price-shoppers and want to attract brides that actually want to work with YOU
  • You're tired of paying for the Knot, Wedding Wire, Bridal Shows, etc & want to take control over your marketing
  • You know your dream brides are online, but Facebook's Ads Manager makes you want to cry 
  • You've boosted a few posts - with little to no results
  • You have the time to commit to learning a proven system for generating leads on Facebook
  • You're willing to invest in your business and running paid ads
  • You'd benefit from over-the-shoulder trainings and step-by-step videos
  • You are an action-taker and will implement this system to actually grow your own business and see REAL results

"Within a week, we had over 21 leads."

"As a wedding photographer desiring to go full time, I knew something had to change within my business that was going to make my ideal couples find out about me. Before signing up, I was just hoping for inquires. I hadn't received an inquiry for almost three months prior to the start of this program.  

Once I started to implement the strategy taught in the program, the leads started to happen. Within a week, we had over 21 leads. All from using specific audience targeting and ad strategy taught by Pete and Jordan. Within the first days of running an ad, we booked TWO weddings!! I cannot recommend them enough. They have a passion for what they do and truly want their students to see results."

- Matthew Davidson, Wedding Photographer

Can we be real with you for a minute?

Like REALLY real?

Okay deep breath... 

Confession time: 

We're not the biggest fans of DIY courses. 


Because DIY can just feel icky and detached. 

There. We said it. 😳

Truth is, over 100 wedding pros went through our programs in 2019.

Some of those entrepreneurs booked out $20k+ in just a few weeks...

...while others barely took any action at all.

Which equally broke our hearts + drove us crazy.  

Because we didn't create this course to sit back and drink margs on a beach.

 We created the course to help MORE folks like you have access to easy-to-implement, PROVEN Facebook ad strategies - without having to wait for our live programs or a 1:1 coaching spot to open up.  

So we did what no marketer would EVER advise.... and we closed enrollment.  

We stopped selling something that was super successful on our end, because we wanted to find a way to make it even MORE successful on YOUR end.  

And if we're being honest with you, we didn't think we'd open it back up again. 

Like ever.  

But you wanna know what changed our mind?  

Our students.  

After reviewing the feedback and results from 100+ students, it became SUPER clear to us what we needed to do to make this program different - aka make it a course that people *actually* completed and *actually* saw REAL results in their business. Not just the diligent few.

We dreamed this up to be everything WE would want out of a course.


  •  NO fluff
  •  Tons of actionable strategies
  •  Real results
  •  Access to the experts
  •  And a kick-butt community of entrepreneurs to work alongside

Simply put: this isn't your standard D.I.Y. course.

This isn't going to be another course left gathering dust on your digital shelf. We've all enrolled in too many of those.  

Our heart is for you to *actually* implement the strategies we've helped hundreds of others entrepreneurs learn... those same strategies that have brought in over six-figures for wedding professionals all over the country.  

Which is why we've analyzed the results from our best students and added in more features and support to help you take action, get unstuck, and grow your business with real inquiries.  

This is our proven, start-to-finish system for generating leads with Faceook ads - packaged together in a program designed to get you the BEST results.  

Think lots of structure, simplified over-the-shoulder tutorials, action checklists, + even some fun incentives to keep you accountable 😉 

"I've already booked some of the coolest couples for 2020."

"I have spent a lot of money on resources to help grow my photography business. This is the first course where I feel like the instructors REALLY cared about the progress and success of everyone in the class. People knock FB ads, but I've already booked some of the coolest couples for 2020 and I'm excited to see who else I meet by running these ads!" 

-Bethany Kidd, Wedding Photographer  

Stop throwing your hard-earned cash at marketing strategies that don't work.

Learn our proven strategies that have helped wedding professionals like you bring in hundreds of new leads.

Proven strategies that get results like... 

  • New inquiries within days of running your first campaign
  • Booking over $50,000+ in contracts in 8 weeks
  • Doubling your pricing & booking dream clients at your new packages
  • Generating hundreds of leads a month
  • Consistently filling your inbox with inquiries
  • Converting more leads with smart systems and automations 

But don't just take our word for it... 

"I received 31 new inquiries from brides based on the strategies they taught me."

"After searching for someone to help me with the marketing side of my wedding photography business for a very long time, I'm so glad I trusted Pete & Jordan! Throughout the course I received THIRTY ONE new inquiries from brides based on the strategies they taught me.  

They explain everything in such an easy-to-understand way and are truly there for you during the program when you run into road blocks or get discouraged. I will be putting the things I learned into practice for YEARS to come and I can't thank them enough for helping me get this much closer to taking my business from part-time to full-time! If you understand that FB/Instagram marketing works, but you feel lost and confused and like you're just wasting money when you try to do it yourself - HIRE PETE & JORDAN."  

-Kira Goff, Kira Whitney Photography

The Strategy

Happily Ever Growth is our signaure program that will teach you how to implement our proven 3-factor strategy:

The Foundation

This module is all about getting you setup for success. You'll learn the Facebook 101 basics: everything from Facebook pixels, the structure and hierarchy of Facebook ads, how to connect Facebook + Instagram ads, choosing the right objective, and more!

Factor 1: Target + Attract

Ready to start targeting your dream brides - the right way? We're diving into the different types of audiences, cold and warm traffic, audience insights, choosing budgets and placement, and how to best use the detailed targeting options.

Factor 2: Running a High-Converting Facebook Ad

Onto the fun stuff! It's time to start bringing in new inquiries. In these lessons, we'll walk you through the start-to-finish of running Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook - from the setup, to the copy and images, to the automations and conversion.

Factor 3: Funnels that Book

These lessons are incredibly important to making sure you're set up for success when it comes to running Facebook ads for your business! We're diving deep into workflows, CRMs, email systems, and automations. There's no point in bringing new leads in if you don't have systems to serve them well & turn them into clients!

+ Our Secret Sauce Strategy!

Now that you've mastered Lead Generation ads and are bringing in (and booking) those new inquiries, you're ready to take your campaigns to the next level. In this module we share our #1 audience-building strategy that has generated hundreds of leads for our students - without relying on Facebook's targeting options.

Plus, some pretty killer bonuses resources: 

"Received a DREAM client within 24 hours."

"I can't rave about Pete and Jordan enough. They were such a joy to work with, extremely organized and the results have been PHENOMENAL! The venue we worked with received over 40+ inquiries in about a week's time, there were numerous tours scheduled from those inquiries and a few bookings as a booking more than covered the investment 3x+ over! And I know they will continue to roll in with the effortless transition and game plan we created at the end of our experience.

 I was even able to implement the same test strategy and received a DREAM client within 24 hours. Seriously, how amazing is that!?!? I called my husband completely blown away, sounding like a kid in a candy store. I can not sing their praises from the rooftops any louder!

 -Heather Johnson, Wedding Coordinator 

Meet your instructors (aka your new biz bffs)

Hi friends! We're Pete + Jordan - digital marketers, adventurers, and fired-up believers. 

We've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses online through our online trainings and workshops. After booking our 2018 coaching spots in just two weeks, we went on a mission to find a way to help even MORE awesome folks like yourself harness the power of online marketing. 

Enter: our signature Happily Ever Growth program

This program was created to help YOU get booked out by investing in smart marketing strategies that actually WORK.

Ready to get started? (& make this year your BEST one yet?!)

We've got it all waiting for you inside HEG.


Sound like your cup of (perfectly-brewed-Facebook-awesomeness) tea?

The course is currently closed to new students. If you'd like to stay in the loop when enrollment opens, you can join the waitlist below: