Shop Less, Stroll More

Today, we’re following REI’s lead to not only Boycott Busy, but to boycott Black Friday as well. Instead of spending hours of our day waiting in line, rummaging through sales, and squeezing through hoards of people, we’re going to #OptOutside instead.

REI OptOutside

It’s funny – now that we’ve been settled for more than a few weeks, people keep asking us what’s next? Where’s the next adventure? But the great thing about adventure is you can find it in your daily life.

You can choose to skip the lines and chaos of Black Friday and spend some time outside instead.

Find your own adventure today.

Take a walk. Try a different trail. Dip your toes in some freezing cold water (a beach trip is in store for us this weekend!).

Do whatever you can to add some small adventure to your day – then share it with us! This community is all about creating conversation around intentional living, and we want to hear from you. We’re simply here to take the journey with you and keep encouraging you to take that next step.

So what’s next for you today?

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