Our National Parks Turn 100!

For all of our fellow outdoor-lovers and travel bugs, today is a great day. Why you may ask? Because August 25, 2016 is the 100 year anniversary of our National Parks!

It’s no secret that Pete and I love exploring the Parks, and today gives us the perfect excuse to share a little bit more about why they’re so special & our favorite points from the ones we’ve been lucky enough to visit.

So Why Are Our National Parks So Special?

While Pete and I saw some unbelievable wonders on our backpacking trip to South America, there’s nothing like experiencing the beauty in your own country. Determined to start our time back in the States by seeing more of America’s own wonders, we decided to roadtrip across the country in September 2015.

We were constantly amazed and blown away by the beauty this country has to offer. Thankfully, over 100 years ago some very wise men realized how special these places were and made sure they would still be around for all of us to enjoy.

You may recognize the names of John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and Stephen Mather, some of the leading men who worked tirelessly to preserve and protect our lands.

As our country started expanding further and further to the West, a few Americans, along with many European visitors, started demanding protection of our national treasures. We’d have to agree with writer Wallace Stegner when he shared that the creation of our Parks may have been “the best idea we ever had.”

You can learn more about the history of the National Parks Service’s creation here.


Our National Park Adventures & Favorite Places

In September 2015, we set off our on #QFYCxAmerica adventure. For six weeks we drove across the country, seeking out as many National Parks as we could along the way. So far, we’ve made it to 5 of the 59 National Parks – and you better believe we have a new bucket list to get to!

Badlands National Park


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

and a bonus because WE SAW A BEAR!

Grand Teton National Park

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park


*PS the National Parks Service also protects and maintains places like Red Rocks National Conservation Area, Devil’s Tower National Monument, Crater’s of the Moon National Preserve, and Mount Rushmore National Memorial! (scroll through the gallery below to see a few)


How to Celebrate the National Parks’ Centennial

If you’ve made it this far, odds are you’re also a lover of nature & the Great Outdoors. Today, we’re sharing a few easy ways to join in and celebrate the National Park’s 100th birthday!

1. Donate to the National Park Foundation

The easiest way to celebrate is to donate! A huge part of this 100 year celebration is not just about looking back on where we’ve come from but looking forward to continued preservation.

2. Visit a National Park – FOR FREE

You heard us correctly. The National Parks are celebrating their centennial by giving FREE admission to any Park during its birthday weekend, August 25th-28th.

3. How to #FindYourPark

Need some more ideas? Check out these 99 ways to #FindYourPark

4. Sing Along

The National Park Service put together a little birthday video – and we absolutely love it. They did such a great job at capturing the wonder, beauty, and adventure that our National Parks hold! Watch it below and sing along 🙂

What are you favorite Parks? Let us know how you’ll be celebrating in the comments below!

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