Move Mountains Retreat: Winter 2019 Recap

All we can say is WOW.

This past week Laura of Laura Lee Creative and I hosted our first (and you better believe not our last!) Move Mountains Retreat in Windham, NY.

move mountains retreat

When we first started planning this retreat, the idea seemed SO big and SO out of reach. But, with an overloaded Asana and more than a couple two-hour meetings, it allll came together into a well-planned, beautiful four days in the Catskills (with the sun shining every. single. day.).

For me, planning a retreat was a whole new world. We have created and hosted courses before, but never a retreat. Thankfully for Laura, this was familiar territory! Her Fireside Retreat was an incredible success last year – and after referring more than a few of our coaching clients and students to each other, we realized just how well our areas of expertise fit together.

And so, the Move Mountains Retreat was born!

What is the Move Mountains Retreat?

For four days, six (incredible, amazing, beautiful, talented… ok I’ll stop even though I could go on forever 🙌) wedding professionals came together to learn how to pivot, transform and grow their businesses. Meeting these ladies was just a reminder to me as to why Pete and I started this whole business in the first place: to teach valuable (+ actionable) marketing strategy to entrepreneurs who are passionate about the businesses and lives they want to create.

It’s these types of people who make our job easy and FUN each and every day. 😊

move mountains retreat

The retreat was a perfect holistic approach in how to scale your business.

Laura spent the first day and a half discussing business goals, time management, scaling and growing a team, and how to RUN your business (without letting it run YOUR life). The second day, I segmented into what I live to teach: marketing (esp. Facebook ads + funnel strategies!).

This is one of the BIG reasons why this retreat made me so excited. What we love teaching and coaching on, as well as our teaching styles, just compliment each other so well. We knew it was a perfect fit as soon as we both bounded (and geeked out) over being ENFJ’s 😉

We’re the attendees flooded with information? Yes.

Did they leave with a HUGE game plan for their businesses/tons of additional tasks to add to their task manager? Yes.

Did they get the chance to discuss their business goals with other like-minded creatives? YES!

This is the ENTIRE reason we decided to host this retreat: to bring like-minded creatives together to feed off of each other, share in an open, safe space and most importantly love on each other and support each other!

Here’s a little sneak peek into what the retreat looked like (just in case you want to come hang with us at the next one in Fall 2019!).

*full disclosure: we kept this retreat super intimate on purpose. We wanted our attendees to leave with a real, actionable, and unique plan for their businesses and goals. We’ll be keeping the next one intimate as well, so the waitlist is the best way to get first dibs on saving your seat!

I mean, how stinking AMAZING is this Airbnb venue we found?! It had ALL OF THE LIGHT, the coziest winter cabin vibe, and the perfect flow of space to teach, bond, and hang.

We’re not alone when we said we were super sad to leave this retreat – it felt like we made new best friends and had insane brain-explosion moments (in all of the best ways) at the same time.

move mountains retreat

A big big THANK you to Sam, Bri, Sara, Kristen, Stacey, and Rosemary for joining us! Not only does it mean the world to know you showed up to invest in yourself and your business, but to know you trusted us to help you make that happen, to walk alongside you, mentor you, teach you, and love on you this past week.

And a HUGE thank you to our amazing assistants, Jill + Bridget, who we seriously could not have hosted this retreat without. You guys may be behind the scenes, but you are such a huge part of the success of this retreat – and we’re SO stinking grateful for you!

Join the Move Mountains Retreat in Fall 2019

If you’re sitting there all googly-eyed over this retreat venue + bummed you didn’t get to attend and soak up all of the content we shared this winter, fear not friend!

You can add your name to the Fall 2019 Move Mountains Retreat Waitlist here!

Like we mentioned before, we’ll be keeping these retreats super intimate, so the best way to make sure you can save your seat + join us is to get on the waitlist and be the first to know when registration is open!

Ready to start learning marketing strategies now?

Are you ready to scale your business NOW? To learn how to run Facebook ads to transform your marketing efforts?

Even if you didn’t make it to our winter retreat, you still have a little bit more time in the off-season to fuel-up and make your 2019 the best year yet!

Many of the strategies we shared at our retreat stemmed from our newest Facebook Ads + Funnel Course.

Want to learn more? Learn more about our Happily Ever Growth – Signature Course here!

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