The Manifestation Formula That Changed My Life

There was a time when I was struggling to make my life look like the one I fantasized about in my imagination. The great relationship, fulfilling job, fun and fabulous travel, and freedom–financial freedom, freedom from worry, stress, and overwhelm.

So I spent months and months reading self-help books until I fell asleep and listened to trainings and telesummits at every spare second – while folding laundry, going to the grocery store, cooking, jogging, running errands.

And I remember when I finally got the right manifestation techniques aligned in the right order and my life began to change before my very eyes.

It was like I had finally solved the puzzle in a Dan Brown book (he wrote The DaVinci Code) or gotten the secret combination to the world’s greatest treasures.

I wanted to gush about what happened to everyone that would listen and share what I had learned. It was so simple! I was sure that everyone should be doing it.

I sat down with girlfriends over coffee and lunches and couldn’t wait to explain the science behind why these techniques worked, how they had worked for me and what I did to get the results I got. I told taxi drivers about it. My seatmates on planes and trains got an earful. Even the women getting manicures beside me at my nail shop heard, too.

And I can distinctly remember the look on most everyone’s faces – it was a look that said something like: this is way too good to be true.

But it’s not too good to be true. You just have to know what to do and the order to do it in for it to work.

And after years of seemingly endless personal growth work, I had finally figured it out.

That’s when I started writing about what I had discovered, traveling the country and speaking at conferences – telling everyone that would listen that their life could completely change with simple but powerful tweaks.

And that’s when my mom and I got inspired to join forces and share this wisdom through our personal growth company, Borrowed Wisdom, and for a limited time through this FREE training workshop we’re opening up to you.

Register here to learn the 5 simple steps to manifest ANYTHING you want in just a few minutes per day. 

It’s about time to get what you want, isn’t it?

To learn more about Alexis and Borrowed Wisdom, check out our Degenerate interview with her here!



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