How Social Media Is Changing Your Brain

Surprise, surprise – social media is taking over our brains.

For many of us, we’re already very aware of how using social media and staying “plugged in” at all times has been changing our culture and society. Study after study shows the negative effects of its continued growth, especially in youth: from the increase in anxiety and depression in children to the lack of interpersonal skills.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think there are some incredible benefits to social media. This blog and company wouldn’t exist without it for one – it allows us to create movements and connect with like-minded people who may never be in our circle otherwise. It cuts down geographical boundaries and allows us to truly become global citizens in so many ways.

That being said, there is a time and place for social media. We’re all about mindful technology. For us, this means using the apps and tools online in smart ways to add value to your life and allowing you to stay connected and informed, without letting it become the ball-and-chain by which you live.

The fact that studies are now showing how social media is physically changing our brain is enough to stop us in our selfie-posting tracks and rethink how we use social media in our lives.

This video by ASAP Science, highlights 5 ways social media is changing our brians:



Crazy, right?

Here’s the kicker: many you are reading this article on your phone or from a link we shared online. We wouldn’t be able to connect and start these conversations without these platforms. In a way, we need social media to grow this community – even if what we’re talking about is the need to unplug & step outside.

But we also need to know when to stop. When to put the phone down, and look up. When to shut down the screen, and have real life conversations. When to get off our bums, and get some fresh air.

For us, it’s certainly been a learning process – learning how to create boundaries and listen to when our minds and bodies need a break. We’re certainly not experts, but you bet we’re 100% dedicated to the cause. Will you join us?

How do you practice mindful social media?

How do you unplug and spend time offline?

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