Highlights From Our 2015 Cross-Country Roadtrip

Man on man do we have the serious case of wanderlust right now.

Maybe it’s the fact that the New Year has us looking forward and planning some new adventures or maybe it’s finally starting to put together the footage from our previous travels. Whatever it is, we have the itch!

Pete has been sorting through the tons and tons of footage we took during our backpacking trip to South & Central America as well as our videos from our roadtrip across America this past fall and has started putting together short teaser videos of our travels.

After he finished the video from our South American travels last week, we couldn’t wait to do the same for our cross-country roadtrip:

QFYCxAmerica: Highlights from our 2015 Cross-Country Roadtrip

Now, we’re more excited than ever to start planning our 2016 travels. We have to put our Annual National Parks pass to use, right? Which National Park should be at the top of our list?

Do you have any adventures planned for 2016?

*ps – we’re looking to team up with some kick butt companies + brands + outdoor-loving, intentionally-living individuals for our 2016 roadtrip celebrating our National Parks’ 100th birthday ? sound like your cup of tea? Shoot us a message or tag someone below ??

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