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Grow your business with smart marketing strategies.

(aka the ones that work)

Tired of relying on the Knot for price-shopping inquiries? Overwhelmed by all of the "gurus" and information online? Ready to take control of your pipeline and actually get booked out this year?

We've got you, friend!

Our Happily Ever Growth - Resource Hub is where you'll find all of our mini courses designed to help YOU learn how to run successful Facebook ads + funnels to grow your wedding business (without spending a bagillion dollars or pulling your hair out).

Unsure where to start?

We put together a totally free quiz to help you figure out which marketing strategy YOU should be focusing on NOW for your business + goals! Click the button below to see your results and get our best recommendations on how to get started :)


Choose Your Own Adventure

Which course is the best fit for you?

facebook pixel 101 mini course

Our Facebook Pixel 101 mini course will teach you everything you need to know about the Facebook Pixel, how it works, how to install it, + how to make it work for your business!

facebook ad basics mini course

In the Facebook Basics mini course, you'll learn everything you need to know to start advertising on Facebook - the right way. From installing your Pixel, to setting up your Business Manager, to building your first ad campaign, this mini course is your go-to guide to get set up for success.

i do funnels mini course

Our "I Do" Funnels mini course is your guide to building your first Facebook funnel that generates leads, closes more inquiries, and grows your business online.

happily ever growth signature course

In our Happily Ever Growth - Signature Course you'll learn our start-to-finish system that has generated thousands of inquiries for creatives in the wedding industry. Join now for instant access to our full, proven system + start growing your business today.

advanced facebook ad strategies

In our Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies mini course, you'll learn how to use Conversion Campaigns and high-converting landing pages to attract a higher quality of inquiries with your facebook ads. (*recommended once you master the Signature Course*) 

About Us

Hi, we’re Pete + Jordan! We run our digital marketing company out of our RV as we travel the country full-time. 

We're passionate about teaching wedding professionals + creative entrepreneurs how to learn and implement marketing strategies that work - aka get real results

We started our business over 4 years ago as a web design company, knocking door-to-door on a small 7-mile island to find new clients. Now, we leverage Facebook ads and marketing funnels to run a completely digital six-figure business that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you. 

We understand how difficult it can be to grow and scale a business and attract your ideal clients, which is why we’re excited to teach you our favorite marketing and Facebook ad strategies to help you get booked out and grow!