Fly Eagles Fly


September 7, 2014

Fly Eagles Fly

Fly Eagles, Fly

While fall isn’t here YET, (and I want it to stay that way for the time being) football always reminds me that my favorite season is on its way. Leaves begin to change colors. Hoodies become the first thing I grab from my closet before heading out each evening. Apple Cider starts appearing on shelf-space in local grocery markets. And my FAVORITE holiday comes at the end of October. Fly Eagles, Fly However, aside from all of the great things that come with the Fall season, nothing makes me more excited than watching the Philadelphia Eagles play football. Earlier today I was contemplating why this is and I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Was it the cold beer and hot sausage at the tailgate? Was it being inside the stadium to experience the game live? Was it the countless days I watched on the edge of my seat to see if the men in green would get a W? The answer is certainly yes but there is one more missing factor:

The Camaraderie

Ever since my High School days playing soccer I have craved the feeling of being and working as a unit to achieve something great. It has to be one of the coolest feelings ever – each individual practicing every day on their skills and abilities to ultimately give it all up for the team at game time. Stepping onto a field and glancing side to side at the people, your people, who are all there to bleed, sweat and perform with you is awe-inspiring to say the least.

Cheering for the Eagles each and every week gives me that same feeling. Since the majority of my friends and family have roots in Philly, it’s a fantastic way to stay in touch and plan time together. We live and die together just as the Eagles do on that field. It makes me fall in love with Philadelphia all over again, even though I don’t live there. During the season, the city is buzzing with excitement. Bar patrons holding their breath in between sips. Tailgaters biting their nails after each play. Ticket holders screaming as the ball breaks the opponents end zone.

When you glance side to side, you know everyone there has your back. Everybody is there for one reason and everybody wants that win. It is electrifying.

Whether you’re a birds fan or not, hopefully your team gives you the same feeling. If it doesn’t, you may just want to reconsider what a REAL team looks like:

Fly Eagles, Fly.

Cover Photo: AP Construction