Boring is an Attitude

Leave it to Seth Godin to sprinkle little bits of insights onto each day.

I recently read one of his posts in which he stated very simply:

“Boring is an attitude, not the truth. Possibility is where you decide it is.”

I remember in high school forming this belief that I should never be bored. I had to do something. Because there’s so much possibility out there, what would it look like if I just did nothing?

Somewhere along the line, this transformed into my need to be productive at all times. I didn’t like to slow down or not do “anything” – and why should I? I could be using that time to get something done. Checking another thing off the list.

And then I crashed. I had a slap-in-the-face moment back when I was hopping on a plane every week to fly to work, when I realized just how desperately I needed to slow down.

In the midst of needing to always be pushing myself forward and making the “best use of my time,” I forgot how to prioritize my own self care. To be quite honest, my self care routine was pretty non-existent at the time.

Now that I’ve been knee deep in self help and motivation books for the past two years, I’ve quickly learned how important it is to slow down and relax – that we need to take time for ourselves, to rest and recover and even grow in those times of peace.

Now, I’m realizing that those times that I thought I was being “boring” in high school were the moments my mind and body really needed in order to stay sane and centered. I had turned my need for constant productivity into a self-destructive set of habits where “boring moments” were no longer tolerated.

Instead of fearing time alone or feeling like a loser when we have no plans except to snuggle up in bed with a good book, I relish these moments for the sacred space that they are.

As Seth so eloquently puts it, possibility is where you decide it is. It’s in the moments where you are working your butt off and pushing yourself to grow and learn. And it’s just as importantly in those moments where you allow yourself the space and time to slow down and grow in completely different ways – to grow in peace with yourself, in your comfort with who you are and in reflection of where you want to be.

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