Automatically Posting to Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool and platform to grow your business.

And while we love lead generation and paid advertising to drive qualified traffic and leads, there’s nothing better than getting organic inquiries in your direct messages!

This past year, we’ve booked quite a few clients from our Instagram profile and so we’ve REALLY started to prioritize our time on the platform.

That being said, it can be a little overwhelming feeling like you have to post or show up every day consistently.

Thankfully, Instagram has FINALLY released the update we’ve all been waiting for: automatic posting.

All. the. praise. hands.

If you know anything about us, you know we love any tool or system that will help us to streamline our business processes (and make our lives easier).

We’re all about creating profitable businesses that give us the freedom to live purposeful lives – which means we’re not all about spending our days on social media.

Being able to be strategic and smart about the time we spend on Instagram has not only grown our business, but it’s given us more of our life back at the same time 🙂

Which Tools to Use to Automatically Post on Instagram

Before this latest update, there were a lot of tools that would allow you to “schedule” Instagram posts, but they wouldn’t automatically push the post through for you. automatically posting on instagram

Instead, these tools (Buffer, Tailwind, etc) would send a push notification to your phone when it was time to post to Instagram.

So while this helped with batch scheduling and drafting out content, you still had to be on your phone to post – and if you missed the notification, you still had to remember to share it yourself.

Not the most convenient option..

Why We Used & Stopped Using

The only option we found previously that would actually post for you was We originally loved this option because you could:

  1. Schedule posts and it would ACTUALLY post for you
  2. Write in your first comment (which is where we like to place our hashtags)

It was amazing for a month, but here’s why we stopped: these kinds of tools are not official partners of Instagram – and while it may not be explicitly “forbidden” we weren’t trying to mess with the algorithm any more than we needed to.

The big No No (and what you should look for when choosing a tool) is that you CANNOT reverse engineer Instagram’s private API. This means, third party tools can’t “hack” their way into automatic posting.

Before this update, that meant the only option was to actually post live from a phone – which is exactly what does. I’m pretty sure they have a giant facility of elves in Australia that post to your account for you.

(Okay, in reality there are no elves.. just lots of phones logging in to your account and posting on your behalf).

Anyways, we moved away from and just waited patiently for Instagram to officially release the API option to official partners.

Which brings us to our NEW favorite tool…

Posting to Instagram with Tailwind

We started using Tailwind to schedule out our pins for Pinterest (game changer… but that’s a post for another day!)

Our friend Lindsay of Follow Your Detour is a Tailwind pro and gave us a crash course on using the platform to grow our website traffic. Lindsay has seen some SERIOUS results from her Pinterest efforts, so we knew we needed to make it a priority. (Also, you should 10000% hire her to train you or outsource your Pinterest strategy. This chick knows what she’s talking about).

In a bit of a fortuitous situation, we also realized we could use Tailwind to schedule our Instagram posts. This was still prior to the recent Instagram update though, so it would only send notifications to our phones.

Since we had a Tailwind account, we were on the list when they sent out updates about the upcoming Instagram API changes – aka giving us the heads up about automatic posting for Instagram!

Scheduling Posts with Instagram’s Graph API Update

In their January 30th blog post, Instagram finally announced the ability to schedule AND post to Instagram through their official partners.

The SUPER important part of this announcement is that this update has been pushed to Instagram’s official partners.

You will not be able to schedule posts within the Instagram app itself, only through third party partner applications.

These “official partners” are companies that are approved by Instagram and have access to the private Graph API. You can view a list of all of the official partners here!

Since two of our favorite, go-to apps are both official Instagram partners, we’re going to share how you can use either of them to automatically post to Instagram:

1. Automatic Posting with Tailwind

Like we mentioned above, we kind of stumbled into using Tailwind to post on Instagram. It’s mainly known as a Pinterest scheduler (and is incredibly powerful as one!), but the fact that we can use this tool to solve TWO different tasks in our business is a big deal for us.

We love to find ways to streamline and simplify our business processes. We also hate paying for multiple business tools if we can do it all in one!

Before this update, we were using Tailwind to schedule for Pinterest and Buffer to schedule for Instagram.

Since we’re totally sold on the power of Tailwind (and think the small monthly fee is 10000% worth it), we’ll be switching over our Instagram scheduling to Tailwind as well.

If you want to give Tailwind a try, you can use our referral link to grab a free month of Tailwind Plus (their premium option)!

2. Posting to Instagram with Buffer

We’ve been using Buffer to schedule for our business since day 1, so we have a soft spot for this tool.

And while they’re not an official partner just yet, Buffer announced that they’re in the process of becoming one and will be implementing direct scheduling to Instagram once complete.

Update: We recently learned about a new tool,, that integrates with Buffer for Instagram scheduling. You can learn more about here!

Whichever tool you decide to use, just make sure they are on Instagram’s list of Official Partners!

Why You Should Switch to a Business Account on Instagram

The last tricky thing to note about this update is that it will only work for Business Profiles on Instagram. That means, if you’ve been dragging your feet and keeping your brand on a personal page, it’s time to make the change!

You can read the instructions or follow along with the video tutorial for switching to an Instagram business account here.

An article on TechCrunch does indicate that these features may be supported on non-business accounts in the future, but that it most likely will not happen until early 2019.

If you are serious about growing your business, we’d HIGHLY recommend not waiting around for that update! Switch on over to a business account, find the official partner tool that works best for you, and start scheduling out your Instagram posts!

So, what do you think about this new update? How do you think it will impact engagement metrics on Instagram? Do you have a favorite tool you use? Let us know in the comments!

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