A Message


September 12, 2014

A Message

Last week Jordan posted Our Greatest Weapon Against Stress, which spoke about changing your mindset in a positive way to get past the anxiety you are currently experiencing. Find a healthier thought. Choose a new path. Refresh.

It was simple yet very true advice.

This past month was stressful for me and I can totally relate to any of you nail biters out there – Stress equals more chewing of the fingernail. Friday was the day that it all caught up to me and I needed to let everything out. After speaking with a close friend of mine I thumbed to one of my favorite Coldplay songs – A Message.

The line that really stuck out was “You don’t have to be on your own“. As soon as I opened up on the phone I realized that my friend was in a similar spot and I immediately felt a sense of relief. All too often we try to do it all by ourselves. It could be a task at work, it could be a project at home but more likely than not, it’s something that we are experiencing on the inside.

My Advice?

Let Go!


The funny thing is I know this and have learned it time and time again, yet I always seem to forget about this in the moment. It is usually in retrospect that I have my “Aha” moment and realize that the answer was right in front of me the whole time. As a person of faith, giving it up should occur on a regular basis because no one can help me with something like He can.

Whatever you are experiencing right now – whatever it is that is breaking you, overwhelming you, taking over you – give it up. That’s what friends are for, that is why you have family and whether you believe it or not, is why God is here.

I challenge all of you out there who have been battling something inside to pick up the phone and share it with someone close to you. It truly is amazing to know that you aren’t alone.