7 Benefits of Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Pros

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Social media is considered one of the most powerful platforms to promote products and services. Consumers also use social media as a primary source for inspiration – especially for their weddings! Pinterest offers endless ideas, from floral arrangements, to photographers to venues. As a wedding professional it is SO important for you to enhance your presence across social platforms and share your beautiful creations to current and future clients!

Weddings are one of the best days of a couples lives. Every single detail goes through meticulous planning in hopes of choosing nothing but the best! It can take months or even years to plan the PERFECT wedding. 

So why not help make a brides decision even easier! It’s time to turn to your attention to Pinterest – let’s get pinning 🙂

Wedding Pros and Pinterest

The wedding industry is an extremely competitive industry. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different companies that couples can choose from, making it even more challenging to pick “the best.” So how will you stand out as a photographer, florist, venue, etc? How will you convince your clients that you can be the one to bring their wedding to life?

Enter: Social media marketing

Marketing on social media is an extremely useful and efficient tool that will directly increase the ability for future potential clients to discover your work. Couples tend to rely on online marketing services time and time again to find inspiration and suppliers for their wedding. Pinterest (if it already hasn’t already) should become your new best friend. It gives you the opportunity to visually showcase your work, making it easier for clients to visualize what they truly want!

Yes, marketing across social is important for all business, BUT for wedding pros Pinterest Marketing is by far one of the best social media marketing strategies you should invest in.

With 200 million active users, 81% of them women, and 50% of them in their prime age to get married, it is obvious that Pinterest is a platform all wedding professionals need to consider.

As you know, there are endless pins to choose from on Pinterest, making gathering ideas THAT much harder. Brides will create boards to store their numerous pins in order to narrow their options and organize their choices. Pinterest holds so much potential for marketing your creations, but if they don’t see you as an option in the first place, your service will never be sought after.

If you still don’t have a Pinterest business account, it’s time to set up one. Here’s why:

1. You already have a captured audience

Soon-to-be-brides tend to turn to Pinterest to gather ideas for their wedding because of its endless available content. A recent study by Pinterest showed that over 40 million Pinterest users turn to the platform in their wedding planning journey. There are around 900 million pins about weddings and around 378 million wedding related searches per year!

It is obvious that when it comes to wedding planning, Pinterest plays a significant role in the decision-making process. By joining Pinterest you’ll have the chance to convert these already captured audiences into paying clients.

2. You can link back to your website in your pins

Once you post an original pin and include the link to your website in the pin, your website will remain linked no matter how many times it is shared or repinned! This means that the more your pin gets repinned, the more people it will be able to reach.

Adding your website to your pin

Once pinners begin engaging with your content, they will be able to visit your website and find more information about you and the services you offer. Of course, to capture them and close the deal, your site and its content must all be in place, presentable and up-to-date!

3. Pins last forever

Pins stay in your profile as long as your profile exists. Potential clients will be able to browse through your profile and see your previous work at any time as long as your account is still active.

In a recent blog post entitled Pinterest by the Numbers, it states that, “93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.” 

Since pins are forever, you have to be certain that your pins are high quality and that they highlight your absolute best work! Cue portrait mode 🙂

4. It serves as your online catalogue

The wedding industry is highly visual and most couples would prefer to see a sample of your work before deciding to close the deal. Your Pinterest profile can serve as your online catalogue for showcasing your previous work.

You can even add a description to each post explaining the event, the flowers used, the bride and groom, the colors scheme and much more. And, DON’T FORGET TO USE HASHTAGS! You can use up to 20 in a Pinterest post and they help others find your content who may not be following you already.

To remain relevant, it is important to keep your profile up-to-date and post pins of your most recent events. 

A convincing work of art will significantly help you stand out among others in the wedding industry. For instance, check out Lauren Elsasser’s pin here!

5. Pinterest is a free marketing tool

Pinterest is completely free. You just have to invest in good photographs for your pins to really catch the eye of consumers (and that shouldn’t be hard for you photographers!). With the captured market that Pinterest has for every part of the wedding industry, there will undoubtedly be a high return on investment.

Considering that there are a ton of ways to invest in smart marketing strategies, Pinterest is an easy one to add to any wedding vendors list – especially since it’s totally free to use!

6. It can drive organic traffic to your website

Since you can link your website to your pins, this will naturally help drive organic traffic to your site. By organic traffic, we mean people that are genuinely interested and have every intention to get in contact with you about your service.

Since the audiences are already filtered into a captured market, visiting your website would mean that you have become one of their options already. The only thing to do now is to convince them that you are the right choice!

We personally love using Pinterest to drive traffic to our blog posts and even our Instagram. To help us save time and we schedule our pins using the Tailwind app! It makes our lives a whole lot easier and helps drive a ton of organic traffic.

7. The numbers are growing

Pinterest numbers are growing and they are growing fast!  7 benefits of pinterest marketing for wedding prosA Pinterest Business study revealed that 1 in 2 people make a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.

Pinterest is just another social media platform that you can use to promote your business (a SUPER important and easy one!). Focus on bringing out your unique features and what will help you stand out in the industry. Do what you do best– provide wedding flower services to make each wedding day a memory that will last a lifetime.

So what do you think? Have you used Pinterest for marketing? What are your biggest questions when it comes to using the platform as a marketing tool?

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