Top 5 Reasons We Love Honeybook (+50% Off!)

Just over a year ago, Pete and I made the switch to Honeybook thanks to a recommendation by Laura of Laura Lee Creative.

Fast forward a year, and not only has Honeybook played a huge role in doubling our own business this year, but it has also become one of our most recommended tools for our clients and students.

Today, we’re sharing the top 5 reasons we love Honeybook (and you should too!)

*Side note: We love Honeybook so much that we became educators with them and seriously teach this platform to ALL of our clients and students. As educators, we get to share a special referral link with you to join Honeybook + get 50% off your first year! (that’s $200 back in your pocket #winwin)

1. Honeybook Integrates Directly with Facebook Lead Ads

Heads up: this feature is actually still in beta mode, but we’re too darn excited about it for it not to be our #1 reason we love Honeybook!

Before adding this feature, we would have to teach our students a kind of annoying workaround for their Facebook leads.

It’s no secret that we believe in the power of running great Facebook ads to grow your business. Facebook ads and funnels are by far the most popular topics we teach on. Because here’s the truth: you can’t just run great ads – you need a system in place to nurture and convert those leads into happy clients!

This is where Honeybook makes us insanely happy.

Most CRM platforms have no direct integration with Facebook ads. This means, when a new lead comes in from a Facebook form, you’d have to manually add that person to your CRM or pipeline. This is NOT good in terms of how fast you follow up (we’re all about streamlining as much as possible!).

With Honeybook, you can integrate your Facebook Business Page directly with the platform so that all new leads you generate will automatically get added to your Honeybook pipeline. BEST FEATURE EVER.

We can’t wait to see how Honeybook continues to build out this aspect of their platform!

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2. Honeybook’s Workflow Tool Elevates Your Client Experience

Whether you’re bringing in new leads from your awesome Facebook ads, your website, or even word of mouth referrals, you want to have a system in place to nurture them well.

This is where Honeybook’s Workflow Tool comes in!

The Workflow tool allows you to map out and systemize your follow up process, as well as elevate your client experience.

For example, you could create a workflow for new inquiries to nurture them into booking. This would include your follow up emails, task reminders to call, scheduling a consultation, sending a brochure or proposal, etc.

Once you booked a client (yay!), you can then create another workflow for different types of projects. So if you booked a wedding client, your workflow may include your welcome email, a task to send client gifts, sending your questionnaire, sending any client education emails throughout, tasks to prepare for the wedding day all the way through delivery, etc.

We cannot stress enough how important a good follow-up funnel is to the success of your business! It’s something we teach in depth in our Happily Ever Growth – Signature Course (even before diving into ads!) because it’s THAT important to get in place before you scale.

3. Honeybook Makes Client (+ Vendor) Communication Easy

Raise your hand if you feel like it’s WAY too easy to get lost in your inbox!

When we first started our business, all of our client communication stayed in our inbox. As much as we tried to stay organized with filters and folders, it was still so frustrating to search back through different email threads to find something for a client.

Thankfully, client communication is WAY easier with Honeybook. Within each project, there’s a section that will thread all of your email communication in one place. You can even invite other vendors to collaborate and have access. Not only can you view the communication within your Honeybook project, but it will still be emailed to you or your client as well.

4. Tracking Your Projects in Your Pipeline

For many of us, it can be hard to track all of our different leads and clients and where they are at in our pipeline.

Honeybook makes it easy to track all of your new inquiries and where they are in the follow up/booking process, as well as all of your booked clients and which stage they’re at in your service or project!

With Honeybook, you can customize your pipeline columns to best fit your business needs and move your inquiries and clients through as they complete each stage.

We love how quick and easy it is to get a visual overview of where all of your inquiries and clients are at in your business!

5. Sending Proposals, Contracts, and Invoices in Honeybook

Last but certainly not least, Honeybook’s tools make it insanely easy to send beautifully branded proposals, contracts, and invoices.

You can create templates for the different types of projects or service levels, making it fast and easy to send your clients customized brochures or proposals.

They also have default contracts to help you get started if you don’t have any already!

And finally, their invoicing tool allows you to not only send a professional-looking invoice, but it makes it super simple to create your own payment plan. Better yet, Honeybook will handle reminding your clients about upcoming payments for you!

Both you and your client will be able to see the payment breakdown, dates, and the status of all payments at a glance!

Aka no more knocking down doors trying to recover payment 😉

Why We Love Honeybook

As you can see, there are a LOT of reasons to love Honeybook – these are just a few of our favorites!

From Facebook lead ads to workflows to pipelines and more, Honeybook is our go-to CRM platform that we recommend to all of our students and in all of our courses and programs.

If you want to give Honeybook a try for yourself, you can check out their free trial or join and save $200 off your first year with our referral link below!


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