5 Reasons to Master Facebook Ads + Book Yourself Out
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5 Reasons to Master Facebook Ads + Book Yourself Out

Does this sound familiar?

You're a wedding professional and you LOVE your business...

But you DON'T love Facebook ads.

Maybe you've boosted a post here + there...

(with little to no results to show)

Maybe you've taken a free challenge or read every blog post you could find...

But the Ads Manager still makes you want to cry.

Well, friend. We're here to tell you that you're not alone!

We hear these over and over again from all of our clients + students.

And we're going to take a wild guess here...

If you've found your way to this training, we already know a little about you + your business:

  • You're tired of wasting your hard-earned money on Wedding Wire or the Knot (helllooo price shopping inquiries!)
  • You LOVE getting referrals, but you need more control over your pipeline
  • You have a few weddings booked for next year, but you're a little stressed about not getting booked out 
  • You know you want to use your time to invest in yourself + your business
  • You are ready to show up, take action, and learn how to run smart marketing strategies for your business

If you're sitting there, nodding your head - then you're in the right place :)

(and we're here to help!)

"We started learning from Pete + Jordan at the end of March. We had been receiving 20 inquires per month for January, February, and March. Things begin to change immediately in April with inquiries jumping to 50 and even more to 90 in May! In just 8 weeks of training, we can attribute $50,000.00 in bookings to the strategies we implemented, with more on the way. In 40 years of owning my own businesses I have never had advertising and marketing results like this."

-Larry W, Inn at Quarry Ridge

On this training you'll learn:

The top 5 reasons to invest in learning Facebook Ads

How to use Facebook ads to take control of your pipeline (+ get booked out)

Our best training strategy for running Facebook ads to generate bridal inquiries

Plus, a Q&A about our new Signature Course!

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Hey, we're Pete + Jordan!

digital marketers, full-time RVers, and fired-up believers

We've helped hundreds of creatives grow their businesses online through our coaching programs, online trainings, and retreats. After booking our 2018 coaching spots in just two weeks, we went on a mission to find a way to help even MORE awesome folks like you harness the power of online marketing.  

That's where this training comes in. We'll be sharing the top 5 reasons we believe ALL wedding professionals should invest in learning Facebook ads NOW - and how to use them to generate new inquiries for your business!

We'll also be sharing about our newest training, our Happily Ever Growth - Signature Course  

This program was created to help YOU get booked out by investing in smart marketing strategies that actually WORK. But you have to show up to learn how :)

Hint Hint: Action-takers are our favorite.

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