5 Reasons You Need to Invest In HoneyBook For Your Business

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Here’s a little story on how we found our way to one of our favorite tools in our business: HoneyBook.

Just like any business, we started from scratch.

And by scratch I mean, we literally started knocking door-to-door to find clients and leads for our business (#truestory).

Since we were bootstrapping our dreams, we didn’t have a budget for business tools. Heck, we didn’t have a budget – for anything.

So for our business, that meant everything was being tracked via good old pen + paper – from contracts to bookkeeping and mailed payments.

Looking back, it’s crazy to think how we kept all of that information organized and easily accessible!

It also doesn’t surprise me now why I wanted to pull my hair out during that first tax season! Live and you learn right?

As we began to book more clients, we realized that this way of working with our clients was NOT for us. We needed a resource that could keep up with our growing client base. 

We knew that we had to make a switch from paper to digital copies, not just for our own sanity, but to make the experience that much better for our clients too. It was essential to simplify our systems and make sure that our clients were getting the absolute BEST experience possible.

Offering a fast and reliable process to our clients was one of our biggest priorities. 

So, we started our search for the best solution and, luckily, after a few free trials, research, and asking around to other vendors in the industry, we found the perfect answer – HoneyBook.

Here are a few reasons why we love using HoneyBook!

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1. HoneyBook Makes Managing Inquiries Simple

You can link your HoneyBook account to your website for faster and convenient inquiry management. All Honeybook forms can be easily installed in WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace, etc.

When a prospective client fills out the HoneyBook contact form on your website, it will automatically add them as a new lead in your pipeline (wooohoo!)

This means, no more inquiries slipping through the cracks – and you can always know exactly how many leads are in your pipeline! Can you say happy dance!?

adding contact form from honeybook to website

The HoneyBook platform is also extremely mobile friendly, which also makes managing inquiries super convenient – especially if you travel full-time 🙂

It’s super easy to access right through your mobile browser, wherever you may be!

2. HoneyBook has the BEST Customer Support Team

As entrepreneurs, we understand the necessity to provide the best customer service to our clients.

We also understand that it’s one of the most essential parts of marketing and building a great business.

Lucky for us, Honeybook understands this too! They take pride in caring for their clients by providing answers to every possible question. From creating templates to managing proposals and payments, customer service representatives are always willing to lend a helping hand.

They’ll even help you move your forms, questionnaires, contracts, and such over into HoneyBook! Talk about convenience.

When switching over to a new business tool, we need all the support we can get, right? With HoneyBook, we felt that we had a robust system in place that helped us and continues to help us manage our business, even through our unpredictable adventures on the road. 

3. HoneyBook is More than Just an Awesome CRM Tool

We understand that keeping track and using different tools for invoicing, payment, bookkeeping and other business activities can be hard to manage.

When we were just starting, we had to use a ton of different programs and software to keep track of our business activities: Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Wave, Excel, and sticky notes (the ultimate biz tool).

Using one platform to manage SO many different aspects of our business was a DREAM for us. The fact that we can manage our entire inquiry and onboarding process within HoneyBook is a game changer for us.

For a small business (aka Pete, me, and our awesome assistant), managing 18 marketing projects at one time would’ve been a nightmare before! Now, it’s easy breezy.honeybook projects and pipeline


The tools HoneyBook offers are seriously ENDLESS. We’ll give you a little sneak peak at some of our favs:

  1. HoneyBook helps entrepreneurs with the creation of different templates. For example, photographers have access to proposal templates for portrait sessions, engagement, and weddings, and the platform makes it easy to efficiently manage and edit the proposals accordingly.
  2. The platform allows you to manage your daily or weekly tasks to ensure that you keep track of every activity and deadline. The task management and calendar tools are great for making sure that you don’t forget anything on your calendar. Never miss a client meeting, deadline, or invoice with HoneyBook’s tools ever again! And if you use Calendy, we have even better news for you – you can integrate the two platforms together so you don’t need to worry about transferring your meetings over from one platform to the other.
  3. Our FAVORITE thing that really sets HoneyBook apart is the Workflow tool. The workflow helps create a systematic and consistent flow of actions for every project (i.e. when you receive an inquiry or right after service have been provided) – which makes YOUR life easier and leaves your clients feeling SUPER loved.

4. HoneyBook Makes Online Payments Easy

Say goodbye to mailing checks and hello to Honeybook’s online payment option. 

5 reasons you need to invest in honeybook for your business

Honestly, the amount of time and energy it took for us to collect checks and wait for payments was not worth saving on the processing fees!

HoneyBook charges a flat (and pretty standard) 3% fee off the total amount or 1.5% if your client pays via bank transfer – making it much more convenient than taking checks and payments to the bank.

As full-time RVers with no real address, we don’t have the ability to receive checks in the mail because sometimes we aren’t in one place for more than a couple days! So HoneyBook’s payment option makes getting paid incredibly easy.

The platform also makes it simple to create payment plans for clients and set the dates based on your project and benchmarks.

5. HoneyBook is All About Community Over Competition

Last but not least, our favorite thing about Honeybook doesn’t have anything to do with the tool itself – but it has everything to do with what they stand for!

As entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone in building your business. It’s also easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if another person is successful, it’s somehow taking away from your own success.

We’re big believers in having an abundance mindset – especially when it comes to your business – and we LOVE that that’s the heart behind HoneyBook too. Originally the saying of the Rising Tide Society, this company is all about #communityovercompetition.

HoneyBook makes connecting with like-minded creatives even easier in the digital world. Within the platform, you can search for and reach out to people in the industry, say hello to digital networking 🙂 You can even learn about local opportunities nearby!

honeybook communityWe continuously get compliments from our clients on how convenient and easy it is to work together in Honeybook. Little do they know all of the backend that’s going on to make it all happen within the app! Happy clients = Happy us!

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How to Get Started with HoneyBook

If you’re interested in giving HoneyBook a try for yourself, they offer a free trial to check it all out. You can also grab 50% off your first year (aka a $200 savings!) with our referral link! 

If you have any questions on HoneyBook, how we use it, or how it compares to another CRM system, drop us a note in the comments! We’d be more than happy to help 🙂 Happy HoneyBooking!

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