3 Reasons Wedding Professionals Need Follow-Up Funnels (+ How to Get Started)

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So a little disclaimer here: EVERYONE needs funnels.

This isn’t a special thing for the wedding biz, but it IS something that is incredibly important for this industry specifically.

Many times, brides tend to “batchwork” their wedding planning. Meaning, if they’re coming across you during their normal search efforts (and not say, from a super well-targeted Facebook Ad 😊 ), then they’re most likely looking at a few different vendors in your category.

Let’s take wedding venues as an example. If a bride is doing her venue research, odds are she found some of her favorites and started sending inquiry emails to them all.

Because of the fact that you’re very likely being emailed at the same time as your competitors, your follow-up process becomes INCREDIBLY important in how you can convert those inquiries into clients

Today, we’re sharing our top 3 reasons why you NEED a follow-up funnel (and how to get started).

1. You will have more conversations with your inquiries – and more meaningful ones at that

It’s probably obvious that if you have a follow-up system in place, the likelihood of you being able to connect with your inquiry increases drastically. Instead of “calling when you get a chance” or trying to keep track of following up with all of your inquiries in just your own head, a follow-up funnel allows you to streamline and automate a lot of this process.

That means your inquiries are being responded to faster and more consistently – oftentimes leading to more conversations.pinterest graphic for the professionals

Additionally, Harvard Business Review discovered that companies who attempted to reach leads within an hour were almost SEVEN times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with that inquiry than those who followed up after that first hour.

That’s a huge factor!

It’s obviously not always possible for you to personally email or call a lead within the first hour of receiving the information, which is why a follow-up system is super important. Even if it’s a simply confirmation or welcome email, following up in the first hour – let alone the first few minutes – that you receive the inquiry can have an enormous impact on your business.

2. You will have a competitive advantage

Believe it or not, implementing even the simplest of follow-up funnels can put you far ahead of your competition.

Just by contacting your lead more than once – or more consistently, quickly, and frequently – you are most likely serving those inquiries WAY more than your competitors.

In a recent article, Hubspot found that 44% of sales people (yes, that’s YOU if you’re making the sales in your solopreneur or husband-and-wife business!) give up after ONE follow up.

Crazy, right?!

If you take anything away from this blog post, please please please follow-up with your leads more than once!

This is especially important when it comes to leads generated online, like through Facebook or Instagram ads.

3. You will convert more inquiries into clients

One of the biggest reasons we hear of people not following up more often is that they don’t want to “annoy” their inquiries. But here’s the truth: your bride is busy!

Not only is she planning a wedding, but she also has a ton of people vying for her attention in her inbox. The chances of her receiving, opening, and responding to your specific email quickly is not the highest.

But that doesn’t mean she’s not interested!

Unfortunately, many wedding professionals mistake this delay from the bride’s side of communication as non-interest, and so they stop following up.

Did you know that 80% of sales are made after FIVE follow ups?

We’ve seen this hold true for our coaching clients as well. Typically, we find that it usually takes 3-4 emails of follow-ups (phone calls, texts, etc) before a consultation call.

This simple fact is why we ALWAYS make sure we build and implement workflows with every single one of our clients. Truth be told, there’s no point in running ads and bringing in new inquiries if you don’t have a system to love them, welcome them, and convert them.

How to Set Up Your Own Follow-Up Funnel

There are a ton of ways to build out funnels and a lot of great tools out there to help make your life easier. Here are some of our favorites to help you get started!

If you want to learn the step-by-step process of building your own workflows + funnels, join our Happily Ever Growth – Signature Course! We have an ENTIRE module dedicated to workflows and funnels with screenshares, trainings, and templates to help you set up your own marketing funnels.


This is a totally free Google tool that allows you to workflow out your funnel. We always start here when building workflows with our coaching clients. We find it super helpful to visualize everything ahead of time before you start implementing the tech!

This is just a quick example of a basic follow-up workflow that you can build in Draw.io:



By far this is one of our TOP recommended tools! If you want to build a good follow up system, you need a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Honeybook is our personal choice – and it’s one we teach ALL of our clients too!

This CRM was built with creatives and wedding pros in mind and they even have some great demos and templates to get you started!

Honeybook not only allows you to capture all of your inquiry information in one place, it also allows you to build custom pipelines, automate workflows, communicate with your client and vendors, send brochures and questionnaires, create invoices and collect payments.

Pretty much, it’s the bomb.

And bonus points: Honeybook JUST released it’s new integration with Facebook Lead Ads!! This is HUGE for anyone running lead generation ads for new bride inquiries.



One thing we recommend including in your follow-up emails is a way for inquiries to easily book a consultation call with you.

Calendly is a freemium tool (there’s a free version and a paid version with additional features) that allows you to integrate your calendars and give inquiries the ability to choose a time on your calendar that also works best for them.

This simple tool has saved us COUNTLESS time not having to email clients back and forth waiting to schedule calls.


Pretty much, Zapier is straight magic.

It’s a platform that helps ALL of your apps talk to each other and send data back and forth. It can do anything from adding a new Calendly call to your Zoom calendar to sending your assistant an Asana task to order a new welcome gift once a client books you in Honeybook.

There are thousands of apps that Zapier works with, and they’re adding new ones every day! This is one of our favorite tech tools to teach our clients, because it’s not only game-changing for the inquiry process, but it can be used in a TON of different ways in your business + personal life.


While we use Honeybook for our pipeline, inquiries, contracts, and client communication, we use Drip for all of our workflow + marketing funnels.

A platform like Drip is extremely helpful when it comes to building welcome sequences, sales funnels, and nurture sequences. We rarely ever send traffic or run ads for whatever “offer” we’re sharing – instead, we’ll run ads for a “top of the funnel” opt-in like a challenge or checklist and then use email funnels to lead those people into a call or sale.

Although we’re not in the wedding industry ourselves, this is still something that can be implemented to help your business! As an example, you could build a sequence to welcome new brides, or if you have any kind of checklist or opt-in on your website you could build a funnel to deliver that lead magnet and then convert those leads into inquiries and clients.

Start Building Your Own Funnel

You know what they say, the fortune is in the follow-up.

We’ve seen this ring true over and over again. By far our most successful clients are those who implement killer follow-up funnels.

We hope by now you can understand why you need a follow-up, but that it doesn’t need to mean even more work for you. In fact, if it’s built and implemented the right way, your funnel should give you MORE time to enjoy your life (away from the screen) AND allow you to love on your brides and inquiries even better 🙂

If you want to learn exactly how to build and implement your own follow-up funnels (and bring in those shiny new inquiries online too!), we’d love for you to join our Signature program. We walk through the step-by-step systems we teach all of our 1:1 clients. You can learn more + save your seat here!

Signature Course

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