26 Truths I Discovered At Age 26

Now that my latest birthday has come and gone, I’m officially over the hill en route to 30. What made this one so special was that I actually got to be home, surrounded by the family that I love dearly. It also gave me the opportunity to look back on some old memories and reflect on some of the best and worst. As I perused through pictures, poems and journals, I came across some ideas that I scribbled down this year as I traveled. I organized these thoughts and put together 26 things that I learned throughout this year from friends, strangers and my own experiences, of which I am convinced of in my own life. While they may not all resonate with you, I hope that you can hold onto a few of these truths. In no particular order, here are 26 truths I discovered at age 26:

  1. Self-reflection matters. Writing thoughts down helps.
  2. We are communal beings.
  3. You can find an opinion for anything. Your own belief holds more weight.
  4. Spend time daily in God’s presence.
  5. The past is where it is for a reason. Don’t dwell on it.
  6. Worrying is the best way to have a head full of grey hair.
  7. Wisdom is far more valuable than gold.
  8. Death is inevitable. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so live your life now.
  9. Even Superman has a bad day.
  10. Campfires, mountains and crisp air quench the soul.
  11. Traveling is the best high.
  12. Story telling brings strangers together. You’ll be surprised how many people can relate to yours.
  13. Breaking rules should appropriately fit into your routine.
  14. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  15. Forgive, hold no grudges, and love thy neighbor.
  16. No one will ever truly have it all figured out.
  17. Complacency kills. Shake it up as often as possible.
  18. Loving others and giving selflessly go hand in hand with happiness.
  19. There are people who will do things for you for which you’ll never be able to repay them. Pay it forward instead.
  20. Finding your purpose involves finding your faith.
  21. Laughter = Longevity. Belly laughing once a day keeps the doctor away.
  22. As we get older, the need to rewire our brain becomes much more important. Tunnel vision dampens life.
  23. The perfect time is now. Someday isn’t a day.
  24. Achieving your innermost desires comes from hard work, persistence, dedication and a fiery passion to succeed.
  25. Spend your valuable, precious time with those that matter.
  26. Don’t stop moving. Sleep when you’re dead.

What are your top takeaways?

What truths do you live by?

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