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We believe that every day is an adventure - whether you're traveling across the country in an RV or simply chasing your toddler around your living room. Finding joy & purpose in every season has changed our hearts, and lives, for the better.

Truth is, we're equal parts homebodies & restless spirits.  We love low-key family snuggles on our weekly Sabbath as much as we love camping and traveling across the country.

This space is simply to share our everyday lives, business, & adventures in the hopes that you will be inspired to live abundantly in your own everyday life. We're far from perfect, and we fail (a lot), but life wouldn't be much of an adventure if we didn't jump in with both feet now would it?

Our prayer is that our blog both challenges & encourages you to step fully into God's purpose and plan for your life.

We're Pete & Jordan

imperfect believers, entrepreneurs, & adventurers

Here's the short of it: Jesus radically transformed our hearts and lives. We're still two imperfect sinners, but our lives look a looooot different from when we first met. 

Together, we've quit our Corporate jobs, backpacked South & Central America, started 5 businesses, and traveled in an RV full-time across America. But the greatest adventure of all has been giving our lives to Jesus and seeking to follow and draw closer to Him, daily.

Now, we're on a mission to honor & glorify Him in all that we do - whether it's how we love each other, how we raise our family, how we steward our time & resources, how we create a home, or how we grow our business.


Corporate dropouts turned

full-time adventurers & entrepreneurs

We started our careers like most folks: get the good job with great benefits & lofty paychecks. As we traded in our purpose for paychecks, it didn't take long for us to realize you couldn't pay us enough to sacrifice fulfillment in our life & work.

So we quit our corporate jobs, moved out of NYC, and backpacked across South America. That experience of long-term travel was transformational in our relationship and our faith - it also taught us how to live simply (and love it).

Our first business was started by knocking door-to-door on a small, 7-mile island on the Jersey Shore. Those first few clients who took a chance on us breathed life into our dreams + business. Since then, we've served heart-centered entrepreneurs through web design, paid advertising, marketing strategy and coaching programs - but at the heart of what we do is one mission: to encourage, empower, and enable entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven lives + businesses.


our work

we're on a mission to help busy Christians draw closer to God, daily.

daily kairos

In 2019, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for an idea the Lord had placed on our hearts: a prayer journal to help busy believers be more intentional in their daily walk with God.

Six months later, we stepped away from our online marketing & coaching  business to pursue growing Daily Kairos full-time.

We consider this business our ministry, and our goal is to see lives changed for Christ through our tools and resources. Our heart is for stewardship, and we pray every day that we would use our time, talents, and resources to bless others through Daily Kairos.



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